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Fiio LC-RE Multi-Plug Earphone Cable

Fiio LC-RE earphonne cable has mmcx connectors to the earphones and includes 3 swappable plugs: 2.5mm balanced, 3.5mm & 4.4mm balanced. Fiio LC-RE will work with nearly any source device, thanks to its 3 plug options.

The wire is Fiio's best yet, designed to provide excellent sound quality, thanks to the Litz 2 design and its combination of copper, pure silver and gold plated copper wire, in equal  amounts.

The housing resists picking up microphonic noise from friction and resists colouration.

The plugs are all right angled, made of metal and twist / lock into place securely. You have the convenience of using one top quality cable that will be compatible with virtually all portable sources.

(cable only, earphones not included, shown for illustration only)


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