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Fiio K9 Pro

Fiio K9 Pro is a new flagship dac / headphone amp, providing outstanding specs, power and features including XLR balanced headphone out. Fiio K9 Pro uses the now hard to find, one of the best dac chips ever, akm4499 dac chip at its core.

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Fiio K9 Pro combines this with the most powerful THX amp available, balanced AAA 788+ design, providing huge power with extremely clean background and lots of headroom.  K9 Pro has XLR, 4.4mm balanced outputs and 6.5mm SE outputs, for excellent compatibility with cables. 

Tons of practical audiophile features:

  • ADC volume control curve ramps up slowly at first, for great compatibility with sensitive earphones, and smooth volume adjustments
  • Aluminum dial
  • 3 gain levels
  • Front panel output selection: headphone / pre-out / line out
  • High end bluetooth input, with the latest codecs, like LDAC & apt-x adaptive
  • Coax, Optical inputs, usb-b and usb-c on the side panel and line in
  • MQA decoding
  • Built in linear power supply (this alone can be a $1000 upgrade for other dacs)
  • 1 year warranty Fiio Canada

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