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Fiio FH3 Triple Driver IEM

Fiio FH3 is a new for 2020 triple driver earphone, with improved Beryllium coated dynamic bass driver, Fiio's S-Bass venting and dual Knowles brand BA drivers, for mids and highs. Improved construction quality with an aluminum/magnesium shell, improved ergonomics and a more even, balanced sound right across the frequency range make these a great set of earphones.

The cable is detachable, using flush mmcx connectors, with a silver coated copper cable. The cable has soft, molded ear hooks and a sturdy right angle plug. Fiio has patented their S-Boost bass venting - it incorporates a 4 cm curved tube into the earphone, providing a 32 db crossover roll-off of the high frequencies.


  • Impedance: 24 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 114db
  • 11 pair ear tips, including foam and silicone
  • frequency response: 10 - 40,00 hz
  • 10mm dynamic driver + dual Knowles BA drivers
  • 1 year warranty