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Fiio FH3 Triple Driver IEM

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Fiio FH3 is a new for 2020 triple driver earphone, with improved Beryllium coated dynamic bass driver, Fiio's S-Bass venting and dual Knowles brand BA drivers, for mids and highs. Improved construction quality with an aluminum/magnesium shell, improved ergonomics and a more even, balanced sound right across the frequency range make these a great set of earphones.

The cable is detachable, using flush mmcx connectors, with a silver coated copper cable. The cable has soft, molded ear hooks and a sturdy right angle plug. Fiio has patented their S-Boost bass venting - it incorporates a 4 cm curved tube into the earphone, providing a 32 db crossover roll-off of the high frequencies.


  • Impedance: 24 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 114db
  • 11 pair ear tips, including foam and silicone
  • frequency response: 10 - 40,00 hz
  • 10mm dynamic driver + dual Knowles BA drivers
  • 1 year warranty
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    A window has opened. The sun shines a sound in my ears.

    My first iems. Absolutely amazing! Instrumentation and vocals have more pronounced details. The cymbals in Radiohead’s Idioteque have an echo I never heard before. I can hear the effect on Thom Yorke’s vocals in Climbing up the Walls the way it was intended in the studio. Emma Ruth Rundle’s Marked For Death has the most amazing separation of instruments. She sometimes adds a crackle in her voice before she sings some verses which I hear now; like how those from Mexico roll their r’s. Overall, imagine being able to hear every note on an instrument when other headphones / earbuds might have only been able to process 75%. Like Bradley Cooper taking the pill in Limitless, what if you could access ALL of your recordings layers? A recommendation is if you drive these through a smartphone; buy the DDHifi dongle as Apple dongles create short glitches to the music when moving around. Thanks Headphone Bar. Once you go independent HiFi store, you won’t go back to Best Buy.

    Tyler M.