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Fiio FD5

Fiio FD5 are new for 2021 earphones that feature some killer features and tech. Highlights:

  • Silver coated copper cable has screw in plugs - includes 3.5mm and two balanced options: 2.5mm & 4.4mm plugs
  • Dual interchangeable nozzles on the earphone, to adjust fit and tuning to your liking
  • Semi-open back design for big soundstage and low ear pressure
  • New high performance Beryllium driver with powerful 1.5 Telsa magnets

FD5 uses stainless steel housings for great sound quality and a finish that lasts. The semi-open design prevents ear fatigue with less pressure and there is a diffuser along the back of the housing to improve clarity and bass quality. 

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There are 13 pairs of tips, with many different shapes, the two nozzles are different widths, to help more people get a comfortable, stable fit. The cable uses mmcx connectors and the FD5 can be turned into a true wireless earphone by unplugging the cable and clicking in Fiio UTWS3 true wireless adaptors.

  • 32 ohm / 109 db sensitivity (easy to drive)
  • a.2m cable, mmcx connectors
  • cable includes 2.5mm / 3.5mm / 4.4mm plugs
  • Beryllium + DLC (Diamond like Carbon) coated drivers 
  • 13 pairs ear tips, carry case, brush, 2 pr nozzles, 3 plugs for cable, plug change tool
  • 1 year warranty