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Fiio FA7 Quad Driver earphones

Fiio FA7 quad driver balanced armature earphones, with removable cable and awesome looking, grey/smoke finish, designed to fit and look like a custom earphone. Fiio FA7 feature a stunning wave finish that glistens. The shape feels very natural and it seems easy to achieve a god seal with the included ear tips. There are 13 pair included!

The sound seems as expected - clear and balanced. If you want bigger bass, go for the FH5 model, 1 down. FA7 are clear, clean and well balanced with very good sound quality under $500. Easy to power with a Fiio bluetooth adaptor or swap the detachable cable for an RC-BT bluetooth cable.

  • High purity copper plated silver wire, mmcx connectors
  • 4 balanced armature drivers by Knowles, the industry leader
  • 4 way crossover for better bass and treble extension
  • 3d printed shell imported from Germany
  • easy to drive with phones or music players
  • 23 ohms / 110 db sensitivity
  • frequency response 20-40,000 hz
  • 1 year warranty


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