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Fiio E10k TC 2021

Everyone's first dac, the Fiio E10k TC has been updated, with usb-c connection, XMOS usb interface for better sound quality and even tighter fit and finish.

E10k TC is a compact desktop dac for use with computers. It provides improved sound quality and more power, for full size and open headphones, than the typical sound card. E10k has a headphone out, line out for speakers or a larger amp, high (headphones) / low (earphones) gain selection and a very popular bass boost option. 

Great match for headphones like Ath m-50x, HD5-series Sennheiser and similar models up to 150 ohms. 

  • Has 4 rubber feet on the bottom, usb-c cable
  • decodes mp3, cd quality and high res files up to 32 bit / 384 hz
  • power: 200mw max @ 32 ohms
  • output impedance: 1 ohm 
  • signal to noise ratio: 114db (old e10k was 105db!)
  • High / Low gain + bass boost
  • Suggested headphones: 16 - 150 ohms
  • weight: 78g

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