Earstudio ES100 mk2 | Bluetooth dual dac balanced headphone amp - Headphone Bar

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Earstudio ES100 mk2

Earstudio ES100 MK2 bluetooth receiver, dac / headphone amp. This tiny thing just sounds impossibly good. If you want to use a wired headphone while leaving your phone free, this works wonders and sounds better than plugging into the phone. If you are thinking of getting true wireless adaptors for earphones with mmcx connectors - consider keeping your wire and using the this - it sounds much better than true wireless BT adaptors.

**On sale till June 30 - includes free shipping!*

ES100 MK2 is an ultra compact high performance dac / amp that can be used wired or over bluetooth. ES100 MK2 has the latest bluetooth 5 connectivity and uses codecs that give the best audio transmission possible: LDAC, apt-x HD and AAC for iphones. It is packed with features to provide you with great sound quality: 

  • Dual dacs (two ak4375a dacs - one each for L/R) and independent amplifiers
  • 3.5mm output & balanced 2.5mm output
  • Dedicated app with 10 band EQ, Ambient mode, lots of customization
  • Built in mic for calls - make your wired headphones more practical!
  • Extremely compact - 2.5 x 5 x 1 cm / 20g weight
  • Up to 14 hours playback from built in battery
  • USB/Dac wired mode, playback while charging
  • Top End Qualcomm cs8675 BT chip
  • Proprietary DCT algorithm upsamples 16 bit to 24 bit 
  • Output Impedance: .5 - 1 ohm
  • Multicolour LED
  • Built in durable belt clip
  • Includes ES100 mk2, charging cable
  • 1 year warranty