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Earsonics Purple

Earsonics Purple is a 5 proprietary driver universal fit earphone, with a 3 way crossover, set up as 1x low / 2x mid / 2x high drivers. Purple provides flagship performance in a compact housing, made of a durable and beautifully finished EVS shell, clear on the inside surface, tinted on the outside. 

With a simple dial on the outside of the shell, you can choose from 3 sound signatures to suit your listening tastes, from 'tight' to 'warm'. Clarity and levels of detail are similar to Earsonics' other flagship custom and universal models. Purple are very easy to drive, allowing you to get great results from a wide range of sources. 

Made in France.

  • Impedance: 25-45 ohm (based on setting)
  • Frequency Response: 10 - 20,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity 127dB
  • 5 proprietary driver, 3 way design with tunable crossover
  • Includes 2pr foam tips, 4 pr silicone tips, 2 pin removable silver cable, carry box
  • 1 year warranty