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Earmen Sparrow

Earmen Sparrow is a portable dac for phones and computers. It has a usb-c input and is powered by the source device. Sparrow provides very high performance sound quality from a tiny size housing, to connect to headphones, out to a stereo or powered speakers. 

Sparrow uses a top of the line ESS 9281PRO dac chip that has built in MQA decoding, perfect for Tidal music users. It provides a strong 2v output to its 3.5mm port and a stout 4v output to its 2.5mm balanced port and is one of the few portable dacs that provides the balanced out option.

Includes a new shielded usb-c cable. For iphone use, you need to buy a $50 DDhifi mfi06 cable in our accessories section. 

The housing is CNC milled aluminum with a smooth, slick finish.

Headfonia.com: Recommended List:  The Sparrow is a very easy product to recommend at this price point, and it joins the best of the best on our Recommended DAC/AMP buy listIf you want a small, portable DAC/AMP with a balanced output, there’s no doubt at all about which one to get.

  • size: 42 x 8 x 22 mm
  • Input: usb-c female
  • Output: 3.5mm & 2.5mm
  • Built in adaptive drive, no need for driver installation
  • Includes usbc-c and usb c-a cables
  • 1 year warranty