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Earmen Eagle

Earmen Eagle portable usb dac amp is a high performance dac for use with computers and phones, for better sound quality from wired headphones / earphones. Eagle is tiny - 5.5 x 2.2cm - and is plug and play, adaptive with iphone (via adaptor), android or computer with 3.5mm output. 

Eagle is based on a high end ESS Sabre 9281 dac chip, with very ow distortion and more power than a phone or computer headphone out provides. Able to decode high res files, up to 384khz, with 62mW of power at ultra low THD of 0.002%. Enlcosure is a solid feeling aluminum.

Headfonia.com Awards 2020 - Best small DAC. - exceptionally competent in their field, redefining what you should expect of a USB-Key sized DAC. Treat yourself, get a DAC, no more excuses.

  • usb-c adaptor included
  • Plug & Play
  • Decodes hi res to 32 bit / 384khz
  • Made in Serbia
  • 1 year warranty