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DD Hifi TC44b

DD Hifi TC44b portable usb-c dac / headphone amp with two balanced outputs: 2.5mm & 4.4mm. Outputs are only compatible with these new earphone & headphone cables with balanced design (they have a separate ground for the left & right side, so you get a separate amp for each side and a more spacious soundstage).

Usb-c cable comes out of the rear, ready for everything other than iphones. The dac actually has 2 dac chips, 1 per side, for better specs and power. Housing is all metal, compact and durable. 

  • Power: 120mW (@32 ohms)
  • SNR: 125dB
  • THD 110DB
  • DSD up to 256
  • Weight 13g
  • Cable 8cm