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Cayin N3 High Res player

In store sale only.

Demo unit, 6 / 10 - the front is in good shape but the vinyl on the rear planel is marked up - complete, full warranty. New black carry case included. 

Cayin N3 is a portable high res music player. N3 focuses on sound quality - it uses a high quality dac, ak4490 chip, found in much higher priced players and a strong headphone amp, with low/mid/high power range, to easily match with a wide variety of earphones and headphones. Bluetooth 4.0 apt-x is built in. Uses usb-c to charge and connect with a computer, has 12 hours battery life and 2 hr quick charge. Aluminum chassis and textured pleather back with a squishy black silicone case.

The N3 has no touch screen, using buttons on the sides and front of the the player with haptic feedback. 

  • Natively decodes DSD up to 256
  • USB Dac - DSD up to 128, 24bit 192kHz
  • Output impedance: 1 ohm
  • Output: 130mW + 130mW
  • SNR: 108dB; Dynamic Range 108dB
  • Gain: Low/mid/high
  • headphones: 16 - 200 ohm recommended
  • Screen: 2.4", 400x360 pixels
  • Storage: 0 onboard, up to 256gB via micro SD card

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