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Campfire Audio Solaris 2020

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Campfire Audio Solaris 2020 is a 4 driver hybrid design (different types of drivers). Using dual tweeters and a single midrange driver, all 3 are balanced armatures. The 4th driver is a cutting edge 10mm driver for the lows, housed in a revised version of their Polarity Tuned Chamber, for outstanding bass. This new for 2020 version is built in a housing that is 20% smaller, in a matte black finish. The reduced size makes for an easier and more secure fit, as well as much more practical use on the go.

*Early February

The tuning is similar to the previous version, but now featuring Campfire's new 'Solid Body' internal design to provide their best sound quality yet. The Solaris 2020 provide an ideal blend of clarity in the highs, clear, powerful, present midrange and open, full, dynamic sub-bass that goes deep but stays fast and true. It is a very open sounding earphone.

The tweeters fire into Campfire's unique and proven effective TAEC - it helps Campfire earphones to achieve clear treble with outstanding detail and no sibilance. 

Solaris 2020 is made in Campfire's Portland facility and the fit and finish is class leading.

A new cable was developed for Solaris 2020 - Smoky jacket Super Litz, a silver coated copper design using 4 large conductors of varied thickness wire strands. It has a very tight weave, resists tangles and sits comfortably around the ear with a soft, preformed shape. 3.5mm plug.

New for 2020 hand made stained cork case, made with sustainable oak cork, with rubber internal layer and soft faux wool lining to protect earphones.  A selection of thin silicone, soft Marshmallow foam and thicker silicone Final ear tips are included.  

  • New matte black, Durable PVD finish
  • Beryllium / copper alloy mmcx connectors
  • Stainess steel spout
  • 15 ohms / 115 dB Sensitivity
  • 5 - 20,000 Hz Frequency response
  • Less than 1% THD
  • 8 pr silicone tips, 3 pr foam tips, premium brown leather case
  • 2 year warranty

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