Campfire Audio Solaris

Preorder, delivery expected end of November.

Campfire Audio Solaris is a 4 driver hybrid design (different types of drivers). Using dual tweeters and a single midrange driver, all 3 are balanced armatures. The 4th driver is a cutting edge 10mm driver for the lows, housed in a revised version of their Polarity Tuned Chamber, for outstanding bass.

The tweeters fire into Campfire's unique and proven effective TAEC - it helps Campfire earphones to achieve clear treble with outstanding detail and no sibilance. 

The aluminum housing has a gold plated back panel. Solaris is made in Campfire's Portland facility. and the fit and finish is class leading.

A new cable was developed - Super Litz, a silver coated copper design using 4 large conductors.

New larger brown leather case and a selection of silicone, foam and Final ear tips are included.