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Campfire Audio Polaris 2

Campfire Audio Polaris - new for 2019 v2, Hybrid design dual driver earphone. Polaris uses the proven build and fit of other Campfire models, with an over the ear cable design, for a secure fit and good comfort. Polaris 2 combines 2 Campfire acoustic design trademarks to great effect: a 9.2mm dynamic driver is housed in a Polarity Tuned Chamber, combined with a balanced armature driver with Campfire's T.A.E.C. tuning spout for great treble sparkle and extension.

With rich, powerful bass and spacious mids and treble are perfect for modern music, being full and detailed.

Built.      The machined aluminum body is finished in a 'Cerulean' blue anodized with black screws and a black stainless steel spout. Connectors are Campfire's exclusive, harder, longer wearing beryllium/copper alloy mmcx connector.  Made by the Campfire team in Portland, USA.

The cable has been updated, with lighter, more comfy molded over ear guides (no hard wire) and is as supple as ever. Made with silver coated copper, Litz design. The case is a beautiful blue leather, with rubber inside, lined with a soft faux wool, made in Portugal.

  • Includes 3 pr silicone ear tips & 3 pr foam ear tips & 5 pr Final silicone tips
  • Includes blue carry case
  • Impedance: 17 ohms
  • Hybrid design: 9.2mm dynamic driver paired with balanced armature driver
  • Newly insulated mmcx connectors
  • 2 year warranty

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