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Campfire Audio Equinox

*We will begin taking orders for the Equinox earphones in late July*

Campfire Audio Equinox custom fit earphones. Equinox uses the state of the art single dynamic driver from the Atlas, as well as some of the housing, to deliver a full, deep bass, great clarity and an open, spacious sound field. The Equinox is a custom molded earphone, with the driver housing built around a partial metal enclosure. If you want a spacious, top of the line sound quality will a full deep bass response = Equinox.

We have a demo model to try in store if you are in Vancouver. You have your choice of two depths of fit and 3 different cables.

  • After purchase we send you a prepaid label so you can courier your ear impressions from your local audiologist to our store.
  • Confirm the depth of fit and the cable you prefer.
  • We courier the impressions and order to Campfire.
  • Campfire sends us the earphones in approx 2 weeks and we courier them to you.

Equinox include a pure silver cable designed for this earphone, or the option of the Smoky Litz cable in either artist or audiophile version. You can choose from 2.5/3.5/4.4mm plugs. The Audiophile fit is for improved comfort via a more shallow insertion. Artist fit is deeper for max isolation.

** Headphonebar Store Owner - I have a set of Equinox now, shallower audiophile fit. Perfect comfort, strong isolation, a big, powerful sound with tons of minute detail, fantastic separation and some of the best sub bass you will hear from a headphone. Its big bass, but as per Campfire, there is additional venting in the Equinox compared to the Atlas, that brings the mids up a bit and tames the bass a bit. The Silver cable weighs nothing and its just an awesome listening experience. **

From Campfire:  Featuring a patent pending solid body design custom engineered and optimized for you. Centered around our 10mm Full Range A.D.L.C. Diaphragm Dynamic Driver, Equinox is a reference tool for artists and audiophiles alike.

Each pair is made by hand for an unsurpassed fit and finish. And as always, designed and assembled in Portland, Oregon USA. 

  • Frequency Response 5 - 20,000 Hz
  • Imp: 19 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 105dB
  • 10mm Diamond Like Carbon coated diaphram
  • Stainless steel driver enclosure with custom fit body
  • Includes leather case, mesh carry bag, small mesh covers, cleaning cloth, wax brush
  • 2 year warranty




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