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Campfire Audio Ara

Campfire Audio Ara is a new for 2020 model with 7 drivers in Campfire Audio's new Sold Body Internal Housing, to delver consistent tuning, with a Titanium outer shell. The super lightweight machined titanium shell looks great and will wear nicely over time, picking up a slight patina finish over the years.

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Ara provides Campfire's most balanced sounding tuning yet, revealing enormous amounts of detail, excellent clarity, even tuning across the frequency range and a wide open soundstage. Ara's speed and clarity are partly due to their no crossover design - the dual tweeter - single mid - four bass drivers have no crossover. The frequency range of the drivers is expertly matched and controlled by the shape and properties of the internal design in the Solid Body housing. The path from the drivers to the nozzle is shaped to control the frequency response of the drivers and allows them to blend seamlessly.

As Campfire states - it is well suited to the audiophile and reference listener. 9/10, world class : The Ara is Campfire Audio’s most refined and studied creation to date. It is unique in its seamless crossover tuning creating what I would call a controlled hi-fidelity experience. Its reference-like timbre and excellent headroom will appeal hugely to discerning audiophiles.... Recordings that place instruments and vocals front and center.

The rest of the accessories are equally top of the line - new sustainable cork carry case is dyed blue, made in Portugal. The Smoky Litz cable has comfy preformed over ear hangers, is lightweight, tightly twisted, durable, resists picking up noise, uses silver coated copper and Campfire's unique extra durable Beryllium alloy connectors. The ear tips include 5 pr Final Audio ear tips, 3 pr foam tips, 3 pr thin silicone tips, a cleaning tool and nifty mesh pants for the earphones.

  • Impedance: 8.5 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 94 dB
  • Frequency Response: 10 - 28,000 Hz
  • Dual high frequency drivers
  • Single  mid driver
  • Quad bass drivers
  • Made in Portland
  • 2 year warranty