Burson Conductor 3X GT

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Burson Conductor 3X GT, ultimate dac, headphone amp, preamp. The power output of the Soloist GT without the dual mono design, but with integrated dual dacs, ESS 9038 chips, with usb, optical, coax and bluetooth 5 inputs. Class A headphone amp design with up to 10 watts from the XLR balanced output, 5 watts from the 6.5mm jack.

GT products feature active cooling with silent Noctua fans, to keep the amp operating at its peak even with tough to drive headphones after hours of use.  There is a new output stage for the dacs to improve their performance. Conductor 3X GT has 5 sets of internal 'Max Current Power Supplies' for the different stages of the device.

The bright OLED screen is clear and easy to use, tilting 90 degrees when used vertically with the stand.  There is also a Sub out so you can use the new Headphone + Sub mode, integrating a subwoofer with your headphones, for a new level in ultimate performance.

  • Output: Balanced 10W @ 16 ohm, 8W @ 32 ohm / Single Ended 5W @ 16 ohm, 4W @ 32 ohm
  • THD: 0.0015%
  • Output Impedance: 1 ohm
  • Size: 25 x 27 x 7cm
  • Inputs: 2x XLR, 2x rca, mic bypass, Optical, usb, coax, Bluetooth
  • Outputs: XLR Preamp, rca Preamp, rca mono subwoofer, XLR headphone, 6.5mm headphone
  • Includes: remote control w/ red buttons!, power supply, power cable, usb cable
  • Weight: 6kg
  • Warranty: 2 years + 1 extra year when registered online within 1 month

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