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Bundle iFi Zen Dac + Audio Technica MSR7b

Bundle of new iFi Zen Dac and Audio Technica MSR7b headphones. The iFi Zen is a compact, affordable usb dac for computers that sounds especially good out of its 4.4mm balanced output. Paired with the lightweight, clear sounding MSR7b that includes a balanced 4.4mm cable and you get a fantastic sounding combo.

*Boxing Day Price!

If you are considering affordable planar headphones, or 250 - 300 ohm headphones, to be paired with an affordable, high power dac and amp, consider this combo instead. There is excellent clarity, detail and power - even in low gain we do not need to go beyond 12:00 on the volume dial. The Truebass can be engaged if you want a clean, deep wallop of bass or just a fuller sound at low volumes.

The MSR7b headphones are very lightweight and comfy. Being closed back they do not leak out sound and provide isolation.

Combo includes msr7b headphones + iFi Zen dac. 3,5mm and 4.4mm balanced cables are included with the headphones and the usb cable is included with the dac.

For details of each product, please see their individual listings.

**Computer not included