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Brainwavz DJ & Gaming headphone carry case

Sleek hard shell case with larger bottom, to fit full size headphones. Soft fuzzy interior, durable nylon looking exterior finish, with handle and heavy duty zippers.

weight 284g

Suitable for (but not limited to): Audio Technica ATH M50, ATH-M50x, ATH-M30x, MSR7NC, ATH-A900X, ATH-AD900X, ATH-900, ATH-M40x, ATH-R70x, BPSH1, ATH-M40FS, ATH-PRO700, ATH-AD700x. AKG K551, K553. Shure SRH 440, SRH-840. Takstar HI 2050, Pro 80. Ultrasone HF 580. Sony MDR-ZX770BN, MDRRF985RK, MDR-V700, V900, MDR-1A, MDR-RF6500. Fostex T50RP T50, th-x00, T40rp, 20RP MK3. Monoprice 8323.

(headphones pictured for scale, not included)

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