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Audeze LCD-1 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Audeze LCD-1 is an open back planar magnetic headphone, over the ear fit. Audeze's lightest weight headphone and an easy to drive design, with a folding headband and carry case. Its in stock now and it has excellent clarity and a very even, balanced tuning with plenty of detail in the vocal and treble, without sibilance.

LCD-1 sounds excellent from a Fiio M11 portable player and with the Dragonfly Cobalt. It is very light weight, not clampy at all and the comfort is 9/10. LCD-1 sounds fantastic. It is certainly miles better than the original EL8. This is a very mature, coherent and tonally natural sound. Especially that treble performance. 5 stars: If you’re looking for affordable audiophile headphones, the Audeze LCD-1 are them

  **Not compatible with aftermarket cables or balanced cables. **
  • Wide dynamic range - 90mm Over-Ear Planar Drivers.
  • Unparalleled sonic detail and accuracy - Ultra-thin Uniforce™ Diaphragms
  • Powerful sound and efficiency - Fluxor™ Magnets
  • Deep rich bass with low audible distortion - Fazor Waveguides
  • Light-weight construction with robust memory foam ear pads w/genuine lambskin leather
  • Foldable design-perfect for mixing/listening on the go
  • 2m long, 3.5mm plug premium cable for tangle-free connection, with reversible headphone connectors for ease of setup
  • 6.5mm adapter included
  • Travel case included
  • Designed and built in the USA with imported and US made parts
  • Weight: 250g
  • Sensitivity: 99db; Impedance: 16 ohms
  • 3 year warranty on drivers, 1 year on rest of headphone

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Customer Reviews
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Headphone Bar Audeze LCD-1 Planar Magnetic Headphone Review
LCD1 awesome headphones

I bought the LCD 1’s for several reasons one I love open back planar magnetic headphones I also wanted a portable headphone, I wanted a headphone I could power with my Shanling M0 or my phone . I love the fact that these reminded me of the old Rogers LS3/5a near field monitors they are extremely accurate and basically do everything well. You simply can’t go wrong with the LCD1 as a great headphone that sounds excellent with the better sources . If you use a DAP or DAC or phone as a source you will be impressed by what I like to call sonically the truth . If you’re seeking a great all rounder this could be for you. Excellent sound and value are this headphones strengths . They deserve an audition for the sheer pleasure of music. They are a great way to rediscover your music collection.

Susan T.
Canada Canada
So relaxing to my ears.

My first planar magnetic headphones as well as my first open back phones. All I can say is WOW I can wear these phones all day without fatiguing my ears. That was my fist impression and im not sure if it is because of the open back design or the fact that they are Planar magnetic or a combo of both. I was listening to these for around 8 hours last night and my ears felt just fine and at times the volume was well above the limits of what one might consider being safe. I have them paired to an ifi Zen dac V2 while streaming from Tidal on my P.C and what a treat for my ears, no matter where I placed the volume control these phones never distorted and stayed clear sounding all throughout the different musical formats, Rock, Blues, Folk-rock and Electronic I was satisfied. I wasn't sure at first and thought I might have to spend double the money to get a sound that I would enjoy, turns out I was wrong and for the money these headphones suit me just perfect. In the future I will be Looking to purchase a set of Audeze LCD 2 headphones just because I am so impressed this the planar magnetic technology and the company that makes these. I will also be using the headphone bar once again as my supplier to purchase them from because they are so great to deal with and fast shipping times. Im rediscovering my favorite music once again and I have to say it has never sounded so good while using headphones.

Mike M.
Canada Canada
Audeze LCD-1

The dynamics on these 'phones are unbelievable, really makes music come alive. They're brilliant across the entire frequency range, you won't need to touch your EQ at all. They like a lot of power so pairing them with a smartphone just isn't going to give you their best.

Neil R.
Canada Canada