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Arcam rHead

Display unit, good condition 7/10, box, warranty.

Pair with an LCD2, Focal Clear/Elear, Hifiman Sundara  / Mr Speakers Aeon for an awesome combo. 

Arcam rHead is solid state headphone amp, with plenty of power to drive almost any headphone and more importantly, a rich, fluid musicality that is fun to listen with. The volume control is great - it is a ladder based control, smooth with no steps, so that there are a minimum number of parts in the signal path. It is trickled down from Arcam's high end A49 integrated amp. rHead is a class A design that is well cooled - it never gets hot, just a steady warmth. This is very nicely built and should be a solid long term purchase.

The case is a smooth, matte finished aluminum case with no seams and a thick rubber slab of a foot, to prevent it moving during use. 1.1 watt at 32 ohm.

  • Signal to noise 109dB at 2v
  • Output Impedance 0.5 ohm (will not negatively change frequency response of any headphones)
  • size: W 194 x H 44 x D 135mm
  • Power supply: 12v, 1.5A
  • THD + Noise: 0.001% @ 2v output
  • Volume control range: 80 dB, in 1 dB steps

2016 Wall of Fame:  Arcam's first dedicated headphone product is a clear winner, and sets a very high bar for others to follow—just like their A60 integrated did all those years ago.

2017 The sound of the rHead is almost immediately impressive... it’s that consistency that really makes the rHead something special...give the rHead the nod as my take on the best value in headphone amplification right now.

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