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Arcam rHead

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**Huge price drop - Been sold out since December - looks like mid Feb in stock date**

Great with planar and high impedance headphones. Bit of a no-brainer at under $500.

Pair with an LCD2, Focal Clear/Elear, Hifiman Sundara / HE5se / Mr Speakers Aeon for an awesome combo. 

Arcam rHead is solid state headphone amp, with plenty of power to drive almost any headphone and more importantly, a rich, fluid musicality that is fun to listen with. The volume control is great - it is a ladder based control, smooth with no steps, so that there are a minimum number of parts in the signal path. It is trickled down from Arcam's high end A49 integrated amp. rHead is a class A design that is well cooled - it never gets hot, just a steady warmth. This is very nicely built and should be a solid long term purchase.

The case is a smooth, matte finished aluminum case with no seams and a thick rubber slab of a foot, to prevent it moving during use. 1.1 watt at 32 ohm

  • Signal to noise 109dB at 2v
  • Output Impedance 0.5 ohm (will not negatively change frequency response of any headphones)
  • size: W 194 x H 44 x D 135mm
  • Power supply: 12v, 1.5A
  • THD + Noise: 0.001% @ 2v output
  • Volume control range: 80 dB, in 1 dB steps

2016 Wall of Fame:  Arcam's first dedicated headphone product is a clear winner, and sets a very high bar for others to follow—just like their A60 integrated did all those years ago.