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Burson Playmate 2

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Display model, sat on shelf, less than an hour of use. Excellent condition, boxed, full warranty.

Burson Playmate 2 usb dac Class A headphone amp uses the same style of machined aluminum housing / Cool Case heatsink as their high end models, for a great looking compact amp. Playmate 2 uses a flagship dac chip, ESS 9038Q2M and the latest XMOS usb chip to handle digital music from your computer or phone. It has a built in Class-A headphone amp, putting out up to 3W power, with 2 gain levels, each with 100 volume steps, so it can handle earphones as easily as it can planar magnetic headphones. 

Playmate (Basic Package) gives you the sound that Burson is famous for, with a big soundstage and thrilling dynamics. It also has an optical input and a mic input for gaming use as well as rca preout to go to a stereo or powered speakers. Inside Burson Audio Playmate 2 preamp dac headphone amp uses their Max Current Power Supply to provide clean, plentiful power to the unit, just like the top of the range models. 

The usb input is usb-c and there is a clear screen, showing volume, input, output and the music's bitrate. Vertical stand optional. Remote not included.  

Burson Audio Playmate 2 measurements :

  • Rear connection: Usb, Optical inputs / rca pre out
  • Headphone out: 6.5mm + mic output
  • Dac Chip: ESS 9038Q2M
  • Decodes DSD up to 512
  • Headphone output impedance: 2 ohm
  • THD: 0.002%
  • Power: 16 ohm: 3.5  32 ohm: 2.5  100 ohm: 600mW  300 ohm: 150mW 
  • Size:  19 x 15 x 6cm
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Included: 24v power supply, power cable
  • ** Please read manual thoroughly prior to first use 
  • Warranty 2 years to original owner + 1 additional year to original owner when registered online

**Does not include vertical stand - stand available as an accessory at extra cost in accessories section