Fiio Q7 USB Dac THX Amp

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Fiio Q7 USB Dac THX Amp, portable or desktop use, with bluetooth input. Q7 uses the audio hardware from the outstanding M17 music player. High power portable amp, connect via wire or wirelessly to a phone, computer or ipad as a music source. THX AAA 788+ amp with 5 gain levels and both SE and Balanced outputs effortlessly get the most out of any headphones, from high sensitivity earphones to hard to drive planars. The dac is based on the highly regarded ESS 9038PRO 8 channel chip.

*Now shipping, we have a demo unit in store.

Q7 can be used portably from its built in battery power or as a desktop dac/amp, running on wall power. It includes a fan powered cooling dock for desktop use, enabling an ultra high gain mode with up to 3 watts output for use with very hard to drive headphones.

The Q7 has optical, usb, coaxial and bluetooth inputs. Q7 has 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced outputs and 3.5mm and 6.35mm outputs. Easy to use with a bright colourful OLED screen and large volume dial. MQA decoding built in. Full settings and function control from the Fiio control app for Android / Iphone.

Fiio Q7 Specs:

  • Output: 1.5 watts in wireless mode / up to 3 watts with desktop power supply
  •  Bluetooth 5 LDAC / Apt-x Adaptive
  • Volume control light indicates music bitrate
  • Battery life: avg 9-11 hours
  • Weight: 620g
  • Warranty: 1 year

Fiio Q7 accessories included: Q7 carry case, Q7 desktop stand / cooling fan, power supply, screen cover attached, usb-a adaptor, usb-c-c short, usb c-c long, usb-c - lightning