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Campfire Audio Saber + Bonus cable

Campfire Audio Saber Triple driver hybrid IEM. Saber places an emphasis on clarity, excitement and detail. It uses two dynamic (round) drivers and a single balanced armature (tiny rectangular box), making it a hybrid design. The 8mm driver handles the lows, 6mm driver takes care of the mids and the BA focuses on the treble / highs. If you like your sound bright and clear, go with the Saber - if you like warm and a strong sub-bass, check out the Campfire Mammoth.

*Bonus - includes stock 3.5mm cable and 4.4mm balanced cable

Saber is a new fit for Campfire, with a lightweight ABS black body, grained steel outer face and slim nozzle for excellent comfort. The steel lid is hand finished and each unit has a slightly different pattern / unique markings, reflecting and enhancing this units unique finishing.

Saber features a pure copper cable with over ear guides, a right angle plug and Campfire's own mmcx connectors - made from a harder alloy for longer life. The canvas case is hand made in Portugal with an attractive size / fit / design and is a quality home for your hand made earphones!

  • Frequency Response = 5 - 19,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 8.2 ohms
  • Sensitivity:94 db at 24 mVrms
  • Includes: 5 pr Final ear tips, 3 pr silicone tips, 3 pr memory foam tips, lapel pin, cleaning tool, case
  • 2 year warranty


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