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Sendy Audio Peacock

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Sendy Audio Peacock flagship open back planar magnetic headphone. Peacock has a cnc milled wood enclosure and aluminum driver housing / window grilles, for beautiful build quality (all gold parts are 24k gold plated). Headband and pads are supple goat skin, with super soft mini pads in the headband. The cable is an 8-core braided copper cable with mini xlr into the headphone with balanced 4.4mm plug. XLR and 6.5mm adaptors are included - this is our favorite cable design of any headphone we carry. 

Peacock uses ultra high tech planar drivers - Quad Former tech. There are double coils on both sides of the diaphragm, with double magnets, for powerful sound, consistent driver motion and ultra low distortion. There is no harshness and outstanding resolution from the advanced drivers. This is an easy to drive open back flagship - get great results from a huge variety of quality sources. 8.8 / 10 : The Sendy Audio Peacock is a unique sounding but highly detailed planar magnetic headphone. It has an enjoyable presentation with an uptick in the bass response that manages to remain controlled while allowing midrange and treble details to shine through its well-organized and delineated soundscape.

Stereonet.comHere's a design that's both comfortable to wear and to listen to. I also really liked its luscious, warm character that delivers plenty of detail...

Recommended match: iFi Gryphon is great / Using Peacock with the Cayin ru6 dongle dac - 4.4mm out, volume around 50% - so much fun to listen to!!

The carry case is hard shell, brown leather with bronze accents. There are wood splitter and slider on the cable and top quality parts everywhere. 

  • Includes leather hard case, 8 core cable, xlr adaptor, 6.5mm adaptor, Hemp carry bag
  • Driver: 88mm
  • Sensitivity: 103dB
  • Impedance: 50 ohm
  • Frequency Response: 20 - 40.000 Hz
  • Cable: 2m w/ 4.4mm balanced plug; dual mini xlr into headphone
  • Weight: 578g
  • Goat leather ear pads and headband (thick & supple leather!)
  • 1 year warranty