Beyerdynamic DT 700 PRO X

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Beyerdynamic DT 700 PRO X closed back studio headphone. Built with durability and easy service in mind along with great long wearing comfort so they can be used for hours at a time comfortably. DT 700 PRO X feature the new STELLAR.45 drivers - 45 mm drivers that are very efficient. You can get great results from a computer, ipad, portable dac or usb powered interface, like a small Focusrite. The STELLAR.45 also provide outstanding clarity and a balanced sound from the sub-bass through to the top end of the treble range.

Audio quality is excellent, making these perfect for pro use and for listening. Bass response goes very deep and stays fast and true. The cable is detachable and there are two included, 1.8m and 3m.

Headband is spring steel, ear cups are hard wearing, the cable uses a mini xlr connector, with a 3.5mm plug + 6.5mm screw on adaptor.

DT 1700 Pro X reviews: Recommended and a gushing review:  The Beyerdynamic DT 700 Pro X is a masterpiece: for the price you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better, or as accurate. It’s built like a tank, amazingly comfy, magically linear, sounds like a 4 digit  headphones, and will completely cut you from the outside world.

Wired: 8/10 Recommended: Highly accurate sound... immersive and real 5 stars /5 : Excellent detail ... Musical & Articulate ... Robust Build

DT 700 PRO X specs:

  • Impedance: 48 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 100 db
  • Frequency Response: 5 - 40,000 Hz
  • Driver: 45mm Stellar.45
  • Weight: 350g
  • Made in Germany
  • 2 year warranty