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Audioquest Nightowl Carbon

Order now and receive an Audioquest Dragonfly Black usb/dac for no extra charge.

Audioquest NightOwl Carbon is a closed back over ear headphone. The improved headband, 360 degree earcup mounting and plush earpads make this one of the most comfortable high end headphones available. NightOwl includes protein leather earpads that provide a stronger bass response and a second pair with new synthetic material that provides a more neutral sound and different feel on the head. Having the option to choose the earpads for either comfort or sonic reasons is a great bonus. 

NightOwl includes a new shorter, heavy duty cable with an inline mic. NightOwl is a low impedance & high sensitivity design, making them easy to drive. With their 1.2 telsa magnet and trick biocellulose driver, there is very little distortion, great control and accuracy, no sibilance and an easy to listen to warmer sound that still reveals plenty of detail. An excellent all-round headphone that gives pretty good isolation, can be used with something like an ipad and then plugged into an iFi or Mytek Liberty dac to provide even better sound quality.

Headfonics.com: 8.4 : very comfortable and can be worn indefinitely... NightOwl is a solid choice of a closed back headphone with a very spacious image, sweet treble and a relatively neutral bass and midrange tonality. Great job, AudioQuest

Headfonia.com : I think it’s no surprise anymore that I like the AudioQuest NightOwl. Good sound from a closed headphone that sounds like an open one: isn’t that what we all want in the end?... the latest technology, qualitative sound and great design all in one. And all of that for a very fair price... 

Darko.audio: Knock out award! - their products of the year award

  • padded carry case
  • Impedance: 25 ohm
  • sensitivity: 99dB
  • weight: 346g
  • Driver: 50mm Biocellulose
  • cable: 1.3m, long grain copper, 6.5mm silver plated adaptor included
  • warranty: 1 year