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Earsonics Blade Hybrid Earphones

Earsonics Blade are a triple driver Hybrid earphone, providing an outstanding blend of clarity, detail and lifelike, full, deep bass response. Blade IEM have 3 drivers: 1x 8mm Dynamic driver for the lows, 1x BA driver for mids and 1x BA driver for the highs. Earsonics uses their EVS and Fusion technologies in the 3 way crossover to maintain phase and improve sound quality. Earsonics Blade are high sensitivity and are easy to drive, so you can get great sound quality out of a huge variety of sources.

*at this price, easily some of the best sounding warm/ bassy earphones availalble

Blade use an internal Acrylic structure for the drivers with an ergonomic metal outer housing and integrated dual slit ports. Build quality and finish are precise. Blade includes a new higher end cable - the new 4C High Res cable, with metal connectors and silver plated wire.

  • Includes carry box, 4 pr Comply foam tips, 8 pr silicone tips
  • Impedance: 18.5 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 125 db
  • Made in France
  • 1 year warranty