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Campfire Audio Solstice

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Campfire Audio Solstice is a custom molded 5 driver earphone, with the driver housing built around a partial metal back plate.  You have your choice of two depths of fit and 3 different cable terminations.  Solstice has a stainless steel cap, with cable mounting, built into a polished black custom housing. A patent pending design, Solstice is unique in not using tubes from the drivers to the nozzle - the tuning chambers from the drivers are an integral part of the molded earphone!

Here is the process:

  • You purchase the earphones
  • We provide instructions + you get molds taken at an audioologist
  • We courier the ear molds to Campfire
  • Avg build time is 2-3 weeks
  • Campfire cleans up the molds, scans them into a 3D file then prints the 3D custom housings
  • Housings get assembled with audio components, touched up, painted, polished
  • We courier custom earphones to you

From Campfire:  Featuring a patent pending solid body design custom engineered and optimized for you. Using our best selling classic Andromeda driver configuration and sonic signature as a springboard, Solstice extends well beyond the edges first explored by Andromeda.

Spacious high-frequency extension. Deep bass with plenty of sub-bass presence as support. However, the balance and even-handedness of Andromeda remain intact.
Each pair is made by hand for an unsurpassed fit and finish. And as always, designed and assembled in Portland, Oregon USA. 

  • Frequency Response 10 - 28,000 Hz
  • Imp: 12.8 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 112dB
  • 5 Driver design - dual low frequency drivers
  • single mid frequency driver
  • dual high frequency drivers with TAEC
  • Stainless steel driver enclosure with custom fit body
  • 2 year warranty