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HiBy R6 Pro

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HiBy R6 Pro portable high res music player. Featuring a big bright, 4.2" screen with minimal bezels, fast snapdragon processor & 3gb of ram for a quick, snappy software experience. Hiby R6 Pro uses dual ESS9028 dacs and some clever re-writing of android code to provide excellent sound quality.

R6 Pro is a full android device, allowing you to add any apps and streaming options, has 32gb built in memory and a micro sd slot so you can add up to 512gb of storage. R6 Pro features great sound quality and tons of customizing options to fine tune the sound to your headphones via its MSEB digital EQ/DSP feature.

Plays out to desktop dacs via usb-c: we're using it as a source in the store to a high end dac and it works great. 

The R6 Pro is a new upgrade version from the R6 - it upgrades the balanced out to a 4.4mm jack, with double the power via 3.5mm out and more than double from the 4.4mm out.

The output impedance is now less than 1 ohm - perfect for any earphones. FYI - the Sennheiser HD660s include a 4.4mm cable and they absolutely rock with this player, at about 50-55 / 100 in High Gain mode. R6 Pro does a very good job with this headphone.

R6 pro also comes only in the heavier but luxe feeling stainless steel finish. The front glass is now Gorilla Glass.

  • Dual ESS 9028q2m dac chips
  • A faster software experience, with 3MB of ram & a snapdragon processor
  • 4.2" HD touch panel, small bezels, 768x1280 resolution
  • Open android 8.1 system, great for streaming apps
  • high 245mW x2 power output via 3.5mm out
  • Qualcomm quick charge 3 - 70% charged after 60 minutes
  • Steel housing
  • supports file sizes up to DSD256 / 32 bit/384kz
  • 24.4mm & 3.5mm outputs
  • Bluetooth 4.2 apt-x HD & LDAC, wifi is dual band
  • 32gb built in storage + micro sd card slot
  • 1 year warranty
Optional case

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