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Fiio Q5

Fiio Q5 is a high performance dac & headphone amp. Q5 can connect with a phone via bluetooth to drive your headphones or earphones, via usb, optical or coaxial inputs as well, making it extremely versatile. Most common use will be usb connection as a desktop dac / headphone amp and bluetooth with a phone, using your phone as a remote to play the music, but send it to the Q5. The Q5 uses its high res dual days and high performance amp to provide better sound with in ear phones and headphones. 

The bluetooth input sounds better than many expect, since the bluetooth signal is taken and moved over to the dual dacs - its a much higher fidelity approach than a typical bluetooth in a phone.

Fiio Q5 video Headphone Bar from Headphone Bar on Vimeo.


theheadphonelist.com: The Q5 is an absolute bargain for those searching for a mature, tonally transparent DAC/AMP

headfonics.com: This is a clean and clear presentation... the resolution is superb... the value right now of the Q5 is very strong

The amp at the bottom section of the Q5 can be swapped, if you need, for hard to drive full size headphones.

Fiio Q5:

  • Bluetooth apt-x (firmware upgradable too)
  • dual dac - ak 4490 x2 dac chips
  • IOS certified (lightning input cable included for iPhones)
  • 3.5mm & 2.5mm balanced output amp included
  • CNC aluminum body & non slip back
  • extremely precise volume control
  • in usb dac mode, decodes up to DSD256 / 32 bit 384k files
  • Bluetooth chip feeds direct into dual days for higher fidelity
  • high & low gain switch
  • bass boost switch
  • 10 hour battery life

Includes: Q5, carry pouch, am3a amp, usb cable, IOS cable, 3.5mm cable, optical adaptor, coaxial adaptor, amp screwdriver, non slip mat, ties

1 year warranty

Upgrade amp

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