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Auris Audio HA2 SE

Auris Audio HA2 SE pure tube headphone amp.

Demo unit, great condition, last black/walnut unit.

Auris HA2 SE is a flagship tube headphone amp, providing a beautiful sounding amp able to provide some of the best sound quality possible from a huge variety of mid to top end headphones. This amp is powerful, with most headphones running - and sounding fantastic - in the 9-12 o'clock position on the dial.

HA2 SE is finished in solid walnut wood and leather, in Auris' signature style, with power switch on the bottom front panel.

HA2 SE units in stock use a Tung-Sol 12UA7 + 4 x PL95 tubes.

Headfonics.com, Oct 2018: 9.1/10 : quite a lot of my headphones positively sound beautiful with the HA-2SE making this my go-to amp for the majority of my listening sessions right now... It also looks wonderful ... an absolutely stunning design.

Headfonia.com Recommended. review: Perfection. The Serbian made tube amp is a great all-round that outperforms its price by far. It’s very well built with nothing but the best components and it’s very pretty. The HA2-SE sounds balanced and transparent with great clarity and precision. It handles all types of headphones: from planar magnetics to dynamics, from 32 to 600Ohm, the Auris always sounds great at all time. You’ll have this amp for the rest of your life.

There is an impedance matching switch on the rear panel to choose from 50, 150, 300 & 600 ohm.

  • 1 watt output
  • weight: 9kg
  • rca input x 3 pair
  • 6.3mm headphone output
  • 30 x 32 x 23 cm
  • Spikes & footers included
  • Metal remote volume control included
  • **No power cable included - if you require one, please email and we can include a basic power cable**
  • 1 year warranty in Canada