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Audioquest Dragonfly Black

Audioquest Dragonfly Black, v1.5, a made in USA compact, high quality usb dac & headphone amp. Dragonfly Black v1.5 is a plug and play device to improve the sound quality from a computer or phone, out to headphones, a stereo or powered speakers.Its a dead easy, effective upgrade.

The Dragonfly Black works as a soundcard for your computer or phone, taking the music file and using its ESS Sabre 9010 based dac and headphone amp to convert the file into music and handle the audio. With something like a macbook Air, its an immediately obvious improvement in sound quality - music is clearer, more dynamic and has a more lifelike, visceral feel.

For computer use no drivers are required and for phone use you will require either an apple CCK cable or android usb adaptor cable. Has MQA decoding, to play and experience the highest quality files available on Tidal.

What hifi review: 5 stars. With improved sound and a tempting price tag, this is the best DragonFly yet. Knockout award. DragonFly Black is quite possibly the sharpest audio bargain available right now. It’s the quintessential everyman hifi product. you’re buying your first DAC, and you don’t want to spend much, the Black is the better value. But the worst possible outcome would be for you to do without a USB amp/DAC altogether. Once you’ve heard what these products can do, listening to your computer’s untreated headphone jack will seem the equivalent of trading a drink of pristine mountain water for raw sewage.

To connect to a new ipad pro, android phone or computer, add the ifi OTGusb-c adaptor in the accessories section.

For even higher performance or for harder to drive headphones, see the model up, Dragonfly Red.

  • 1 year warranty
  • metal housing, made in USA
  • Decodes MQA files, from Tidal Music
  • Includes cap (to cover the usb plug) and snug black carry pouch

*Computer, phone, accessory cables pictured not included, for reference only.

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