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Astell & Kern SP2000


Astell & Kern SP2000 flagship music player. The sames software and operating system as other A&K models, with lights out audio hardware. The SP2000 uses two of the flagship AM4499 dacs along with its superb analog section to provide the best possible portable music experience.

SP2000 is new for 2020 and fully equipped - 512gb of built in storage, micro sd card slot, built in v-link for youtube videos, deezer and tidal apps for lossless streaming. You have access to about 20 other apps as well, like Spotify and amazon HD.

High bit rate music is handled well, with an 8 core processor. Power is excellent, with 6v out via 2.5mm balanced and 3v out via 3.5mm jack. AK players have 150 volume notches, making it easy to dial in the volume level you want with even hyper sesnsitive earphones.

It is pretty apparent, with the first few seconds of listening, that this player's sound is on another level vs other models. Updates are over the air, via dual band wifi -2.4 / 5ghz.

SP2000 is MQA certified, to decode the top quality files on Tidal music.

1 year warranty.

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