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Astell Kern Acro L1000

Store demo unit, excellent condition, 8.5/10, complete, full warranty.

Astell & Kern Acro L1000 is a desktop usb dac, headphone amp and speaker amp. It is roughly the size of a softball, built from aluminum, looks and feels very well made, with its most prominent feature being the giant volume dial on the top with a backlight ring.

Acro L1000 has usb as the input, then provides all of the headphone outputs you could want: 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 6.5mm and on the rear a XLR output. The 2.5mm and XLR are balanced and require special headphone cables to use them (the balanced out gives you dual mono signal, from the dac right up to the headphone driver, which may improve L/R audio separation).

The bonus is that the Acro L1000 also provides 15 watts x2 speaker output, so you can make it your stereo for a condo or single room, just add computer as a music source. 

Acro L1000 uses two AK4490 dacs, as in some of its top end players, to very nice effect here, providing the sound Astell & Kern is known for - great clarity with no harshness - smooth, clear sound with a black background. Acro L1000 plays all popular high res bitrates. There is a red light ring under the volume control and 12 LED lights to indicate volume level. Each LED has several volume notches, giving you great volume range control for high efficiency earphones, right up to full size headphones. 

Headfonia.com - recommended list - the Acro L1000 has won me over. AK gave it a high end, audiophile tuning and the result is very impressive. Not only does the L1000 sound great it also looks gorgeous, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. On top of that it’s also a very versatile unit ... The clarity level is impressive .... The beauty is that the L1000 does everything really well and it’s that what makes it so special.

  •  Size: 12cm x 16cm x 12 cm
  • weight: 921 g
  • Aluminum enclosure
  • input: usb micro (for pc/mac)
  • DAC: dual AKM ak4490
  • Headphone outputs: 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 6.5mm, XLR
  • unbalanced 6v rms / balanced 8.5v rms
  • SNR: unbalanced: 115db / balanced 116db
  • Crosstalk: unbalanced 108db / balanced 138db
  • Speaker output: 15 watt x 2 (4 ohm)
  • SNR: 95db
  • Crosstalk: 110db
  • warranty 1 year

(Computer and headphones in photos for illustration only, not included with this product)