SPL Phonitor XE

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SPL Phonitor XE headphone amp. Latest model with balanced headphone amp and Phonitor's latest implementation of their industry leading crossfeed circuit. Phonitor XE uses SPL's in house designed 120 Voltair rail system for their headphone amp, providing peerless specs and high output power, into a huge range of impedances. 

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The vu meters everyone loves are here in their glory, along with remote volume control and even a rear headphone XLR out, if you want to keep the front of the unit tidy and plug in the cable at the rear. 

The Phonitor Matrix crossfeed system allows pros to match the presentation to their monitors and allows consumers to fine tune the presentation to you liking, presenting a more realistic stereo image from headphones. 

  • power output up to 2 x 5 watts @ 250 ohms
  • balanced output up to 2 x 8 watts at 600 ohms
  • 6.5mm out & XLR headphone out on both front and rear panel
  • Phonitor crossfeed system
  • Mono option
  • Select line out or headphone on front panel
  • XLR and rca inputs
  • output impedance 0.36 ohm balanced / 0.18 SE
  • THD 0.00082%
  • Dynamic Range 130db balanced / 135.5db SE
  • made in Germany