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Qudelix 5K

Qudelix 5K tiny usb dac + bluetooth dac. 5K has dual dac chips and both 3.5mm out + 2.5mm balanced. It has a Eco and Performance mode, an app with tons of flexibility, thorough EQ so you can tweak and customize its performance.

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Very compact, Qudelix quickly earned a positive rep online thanks to its great measured performance. Build is simple & tough, with power / pairing / volume buttons. Charging is usb-c and both a usb-c and usb-a cable are included. Belt clip is integrated into the unit.

Making expert use of two high end ESS 9218p dac chips, the 5K can power high end earphones with clean, hiss free power and can even run many full size headphones cleanly. 

  • Bluetooth 5 w/ latest Qualcomm chip
  • Can receive AAC, Apt-x Adaptive, LDAC 
  • Made in Korea
  • 1 year warranty Qudelix Canada

(9v photo shown for size, 9v battery not included)

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