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iFi Go Bar Gold

iFi Go Bar Gold limited Edition ultraportable dac / headphone amp. A true balanced design with huge output for its size, as well as IEmatch, for delicate performance with sensitive earphones. It is a compact all in one dac for earphones and headphones, even harder to drive models and planars like LCD-2, Edition XS and Sundara. Use portably or take up no desk space at all when using with headphones and computer.

*Go Bar Gold is limited to 1000 units, gold plated housing, copper chassis and additional power supply filtering.

Balanced 4.4mm output and 3.5mm out. XBass+ analogue bass boost option built in along with Xspace to enhance soundstage. Huge power from a tiny dac: 475mW @ 32 ohms balanced or 300mW @ 32 ohms SE. 8.7 / 10: Power output wise ... It certainly did drive all my planar cans such as the Sundara with ample volume and bass response. I also got to drive a new in-the-market 300 Ω dynamic driver headphone with great results .... I was quite surprised at how efficient or better said, how gentle it was on my battery ... with XBass, XSpace, four digital filters, and a 3-way IEMatch gain plus a turbo mode you could run bright or warm sounding IEMs or headphones, easy or hard to drive ones, and always find a pleasing setting and one with good end results.... raw power plus one of the best imaging capabilities I was able to extract from all the dongle DACs that crossed my hands make the iFi Audio GO bar probably the best dongle I have reviewed to date.

*Includes a usb-c cable for android and lightning cable for iphones - so simple!

iFi Audio Go Bar Specs:

  • Size: 6.5 x 2.2 x 1.32 cm
  • MQA Full Decoder
  • THD Balanced, 0.002% @ 600 ohm / UnBal 0.09% @ 16 ohm
  • SNR: 132 db Balanced / 108 db UnBal
  • Output Impedance: < 1 ohm
  • Bit-Perfect DSD dac by Cirrus Logic
  • Headphone out: 4.4mm / 3.5mm
  • Input: usb-c
  • Weight: 64g
  • Includes: carry case, usb c-c cable, usb c-lightning cable, usb-a adaptor
  • 1 year warranty

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    This is the best dongle DAC I've ever come across. I originally purchased the standard version. I was impressed with the build quality, the features and the sound signature. Once I got the firmware upgraded it was smooth sailing. I liked it enough to upgrade to the limited edition which I like even more. Even better build quality and a fuller and more nuanced sound signature. And this thing has power to spare. One benefit to this version is that the LED lights for the user settings are easier to read on this. On the standard version the settings are dark writing on a dark grey background. Not a great design choice. I use this on my computer at work and it works flawlessly. Expensive? Yes but I still feel like there's value here. Highly recommended.

    Stephen G.