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iFi Aurora music system Open Box

iFi Aurora is a full range stereo music system. Aurora is packed with new tech to provide the sound of a full size system from a compact, table top space. Aurora can playback from the latest high res Bluetooth, Ethernet, coax, optical, usb, line in and Micro SD cards.

The housing is wrapped in a slick looking slotted bamboo, suspended by its aluminum frame, raising the unit so its down firing bass radiators can be most effective. Its power and speakers can replace the sound quality of a larger component + speakers system.

Aurora has a lot built in:

  • Two 1.1" silk tweeters, Four 4.5" drivers & Two 4.5" x 8" steel bass radiators, firing down
  • Tube preamp, for a richer sound quality
  • Powerful 'PureEmotion' amp technology
  • ESS Sabre dac for Bluetooth and digital inputs
  • SoundSpace circuitry for a wider stereo effect
  • TrueBass circuitry for awesome sub bass response
  • ART - Automatic room correction system, to maximize the sound quality based on where Aurora is placed in the room
  • The sub bass radiators are effective at frequencies that similar sized systems cannot dream of playing - they work in the deep 25-60 Hz range - usually only reproduced by a sub or large tower speakers

iFi Aurora is a stout 15kg! Volume can be controlled via the front panel touch bar, remote control included or the Muzo app, which is very simple. You also have the option to switch between the ART room corrected playback, or playing back without the room correction.

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