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iFi Audio iDSD Diablo

iFi iDSD Diablo is a new state of the art portable dac / balanced headphone amp. Diablo is a compact ultra high performance dac, with usb & optical / coaxial inputs, balanced output to an amp or speakers and two high power headphone outputs: up to 4.98 watts via 4.4mm balanced or up to 2.4 watts via 6.5mm output.

Diablo is powered by 5v usb via its included low noise ipower supply, but also has a built in battery, as both a source of dead silent power and so Diablo can be used portably with a phone or laptop as a source. Diablo has an all new dual mono 'Purewave' amp design that can get the best from nearly any headphone on the market. It uses a new XMOS usb processor + native MQA 16x decoding into a Burr Brown dac that can natively decode essentially any high res file you can find.

We recommend Diablo to use with headphones or avg to low sensitivity earphones (high sensitivity earphones like se846 and Campfire likely do not leave enough volume range on the pot to be practical). It can power - very well with lots of headroom - almost any headphone, including HEDDphone One, 600 ohm Beyer's, Hifiman Arya, all the Dan Clark models, etc.)

  • Inputs: USB; Coax / or optical
  • outputs: 4.4mm balanced headphone, 6.5mm headphone, fixed 4.4mm balanced line out
  • 5v usb power + built in 4800mAh battery
  • 3 gain levels
  • 6.5mm output: up to 2417mW @ 32 ohms / 153mW @ 600 ohms
  • 4.4mm balanced output: up to 4980mW @ 32 ohms / 611mW @ 600 ohms
  • Dual Burr Brown dacs
  • Full MQA decoding
  • Latest XMOS 16core usb chip
  • Size: 17x7x2.5cm
  • Weight: 330g
  • Includes: carry case, 4.4mm - dual XLR line out cable, 6.5mm adaptor, usb-c cable, usb A cable, 5v iPower supply, usb ext cable
  • 1 year warranty


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