iFi Audio Go Bar Ultraportable Dac

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iFi Audio Go Bar ultraportable dac / headphone amp. A true balanced design with huge output for its size, as well as IEmatch, for delicate performance with sensitive earphones. It is a compact all in one dac for earphones and headphones, even harder to drive models and planars like LCD-2, Edition XS and Sundara. Use portably or take up no desk space at all when using with headphones.

Balanced 4.4mm output and 3.5mm out. XBass+ analogue bass boost option built in along with Xspace to enhance soundstage. Huge power from a tiny dac: 475mW @ 32 ohms balanced or 300mW @ 32 ohms SE.

Headfonics.com: 8.7 / 10: Power output wise ... It certainly did drive all my planar cans such as the Sundara with ample volume and bass response. I also got to drive a new in-the-market 300 Ω dynamic driver headphone with great results .... I was quite surprised at how efficient or better said, how gentle it was on my battery ... with XBass, XSpace, four digital filters, and a 3-way IEMatch gain plus a turbo mode you could run bright or warm sounding IEMs or headphones, easy or hard to drive ones, and always find a pleasing setting and one with good end results.... raw power plus one of the best imaging capabilities I was able to extract from all the dongle DACs that crossed my hands make the iFi Audio GO bar probably the best dongle I have reviewed to date.

*Includes a usb-c cable for android and lightning cable for iphones - so simple!

iFi Audio Go Bar Specs:

  • Size: 6.5 x 2.2 x 1.32 cm
  • MQA Full Decoder
  • THD Balanced, 0.002% @ 600 ohm / UnBal 0.09% @ 16 ohm
  • SNR: 132 db Balanced / 108 db UnBal
  • Output Impedance: < 1 ohm
  • Bit-Perfect DSD dac by Cirrus Logic
  • Headphone out: 4.4mm / 3.5mm
  • Input: usb-c
  • Weight: 29g
  • Includes: carry case, usb c-c cable, usb c-lightning cable, usb-a adaptor
  • 1 year warranty