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Fiio KA3

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Fiio KA3 USB dongle dac with a top of the line ESS 9038q2m dac chip and balanced amp output, through its 4.4mm port. Its a great value way to improve the sound quality from a computer / phone / ipad out to headphone or your stereo.

The dac can decode essentially any bitrate of high res music, has MQA decoding built in - great for Tidal subscribers - with excellent clarity and plenty of detail. The amp has both a 3.5mm out and 4.4mm balanced out, for even better performance with compatible earphones / headphones. It has ultra low noise, perfect for sensitive high end earphones. There is even an app for android phones that unlocks high/low gain adjustment and balance features.

Fio KA3 specs:

  • usb-c powered by device (no built in battery)
  • DAC: ESS 9038q2m
  • Weight: 18g
  • Output: 130mw @ 32 ohm 3.5mm / 240mw @ 32 ohm 4.4mm
  • Light changes colour to indicate bitrate
  • Includes: braided usb-C - usb-C cable, usb A adaptor
  • 1 year warranty