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Fiio KA3

Fiio KA3 USB dongle dac with a top of the line ESS 9038q2m dac chip and balanced amp output, through its 4.4mm port. Its a great value way to improve the sound quality from a computer / phone / ipad out to headphone or your stereo. (For iphone use, we suggest the Fiio BTR5 IOS, instead)

The dac can decode essentially any bitrate of high res music, has MQA decoding built in - great for Tidal subscribers - with excellent clarity and plenty of detail. The amp has both a 3.5mm out and 4.4mm balanced out, for even better performance with compatible earphones / headphones. It has ultra low noise, perfect for sensitive high end earphones. There is even an app for android phones that unlocks high/low gain adjustment and balance features.

Fio KA3 specs:

  • usb-c powered by device (no built in battery)
  • DAC: ESS 9038q2m
  • Weight: 18g
  • Output: 130mw @ 32 ohm 3.5mm / 240mw @ 32 ohm 4.4mm
  • Light changes colour to indicate bitrate
  • Includes: braided usb-C - usb-C cable, usb A adaptor
  • 1 year warranty