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Fiio K5 Pro ESS Edition

Fiio K5 Pro ESS, new 2022 version desktop dac and headphone amp is a high power headphone amp with a quality dac built in, designed to improve the sound quality of music from a computer, out to headphones or powered speakers. 

As per Fiio... "The main difference between the previous K5 Pro and the K5 Pro ESS is that the new one employs the flagship portable ESS DAC, the ES9038Q2M with more outstanding performance and richer audio details. Compared to the last gen, the distortion has reduced by 50%, the crosstalk for LO has increased by 6dB with greater channel separation, and the dynamic range has increased by 3dB.

Most common application is usb from a computer or phone, out to headphones. Works great with iphone or android as a source. With 1.5 watt out at 32 ohm and Low/Med/High gain levels, K5Pro is a great match with planar headphones like Fostex t50rp /60rp, Hifiman he400 series, Sundara and almost any dynamic headphones, including Sennheiser HD600 series and Beyer 770/880/990 models.

Connect the Line Out to powered speakers, using the K5Pro as a dac, for improved sound quality. Does not have channel imbalance at low volumes. The built in dac decodes huge high res files and the volume control back-light changes colour to indicate the music bitrate.

** To connect to a computer or phone with usb-c, add the iFi OTG adaptor in the accessories section.

  • Output Impedance: 1.2 ohms 
  • Suggested headphone impedance :16-300 ohms
  • Aluminum housing
  • 1.5 watt headphone output @ 32 ohms
  • Headphone out: Low 0db / Med +6db / High +10db
  • inputs: usb / coaxial / optical / line in
  • Outputs: line out, headphone out
  • decodes high res files up to 512DSD & 768/32 bit via usb
  • THD 0.004%
  • SNR 115db
  • weight: 436g
  • Low noise 15v power supply
  • 1 year warranty

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Headphone Bar Fiio K5 Pro Review
Good clean power

The fiio k5 has almost as much power as something like the schiit stack but comes in one elegant box and is actually cheaper. Great value, really made my hd660s come alive. The difference is significant and I believe everyone would be able to pass a double blind test between unamped/amped. I ordered from headphone bar in the morning, biked there at noon same day and picked it up. I hope these guys can open their store soon- an independent headphone shop is so valuable and something most cities (including the big ones) lack. Cheers

Canada Canada
Headphone Bar Fiio K5 Pro Review
Excellent little amp

No issues whatsoever driving a pair of Sennheiser HD 650 headphones, and very convenient being able to switch between SPDIF and USB inputs. Great build quality, sound, and value - happy to recommend!

Canada Canada
Big Power in a Small Box!

Finally had to give up my beloved Asus Xonar Essence ST internal sound card. No more PCI slots on my new computer. Looked around for something that might be comparable and found this little beauty. Really love the sound and it has lots of different inputs and outputs (besides headphones), something I needed. In this price range it can't be beat! Very satisfied so far.

Randall O.
Canada Canada
Versatile DAC/Amp With Great Sound

Super simple to set up, and with all the various I/O, can be used in just about any audio setup. It powers my Massdrop x Sennheiser HD6XX Headphone’s (300 ohms), no problem. Detailed, resolving sound with an above-average soundstage. Nice instrument separation, with fairly laid-back presentation. Hard to stop listening to music with this one!

Canada Canada
Amazing value

Best value for money. Use this with my Sennheiser hd6xx and they sounds amazing. Highly reccomend this product. Easy to change inputs and gain

Elton L.
Canada Canada