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Fiio New K3

Fiio New K3, 2021 version is a usb dac + headphone amp. It has its own volume dial, low and high gain switch (for earphones & headphones), bass boost option and is a balanced amp design, with a 2.5mm output, as well as a 3.5mm out. Upgraded to a top of the line ESS chip, the 9038Q2M, the New K3 has significantly improved specs across the board, as well as upgraded XMOS usb interface.

Perfect to use with work computers that do not allow you to download drivers, there is a switch on the rear panel for usb 1, universally compatible driverless connection with apple and windows, as well as usb 2, for high res file decoding. 

The volume control is highly accurate, providing even balance even with very sensitive earphones at low volumes. 

The New K3 feels solid and nicely made, is the size of a mint tin and takes up very little desk space. Fiio New K3 has line out, optical out and coax out, making it easy to connect to any powered speakers you have. 

  • USB 1 + USB 2
  • 3.5mm out (120mW) + 2.5mm balanced out (220mW)
  • bass boost + gain L / H
  • decodes up to DSD256 files
  • SNR 121db, THD 0.0012%
  • Line out 2 vrms
  • Output Impedance: 1 ohm SE / 2 ohm balanced
  • Channel Separation: 80db / 113 db balanced
  • weight 82g
  • 1 year warranty