Astell&Kern CA1000T

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Astell&Kern CA1000T portable high power headphone music system. ACRO CA1000T is an all-in-one Head-Fi audio system created for those who want to enjoy the best sound wherever they are.   ACRO CA1000T is a multi-functional device that can play ultra-high quality sound sources and provide diverse input/output options for the perfect desktop companion. Complete with a powerful headphone amplifier, Astell&Kern's proprietary TERATON ALPHA technology, making it a versatile option for the home or office plus battery power, with no need for a main power supply connection.

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Complete the Head-Fi audio system of your dreams using thanks to the CA1000T's dual-tube applied Triple Amp System, 4-levels of gain that can operate the most detailed IEMs and hard to drive headphones, and ESS Technology's latest flagship ES9039MPRO Dual-DAC.

 Astell&Kern CA1000T features:

  • Dual New Flagship ESS dacs, 9039MPro
  • Up to 15 Vrms output
  • Dual Vacuum Tube amp output
  • Choose Tube / Solid State / Hybrid amp mode
  • Crossfeed option with fine adjustments
  • Dual Band wifi
  • 16x MQA decoding
  • BT5 apt-x HD / LDAC
  • Built in Battery - use it anywhere!
  • Fine control volume wheel
  • Built in streaming service support - use Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, youtbe and more