Astell&Kern CA1000

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Astell&Kern CA1000 portable desktop dac, headphone amp and music player. CA1000 is an all in one playback device with built in battery, so you can use it anywhere. Play music streaming over wifi, from the built in 256gb storage, micro sd card, from a turntable via its line in, or from a computer / cd player, connected to its USB / Coax or Optical inputs. The volume control on the right side is a beautiful design touch, has a very subtle but satisfying click at every volume notch. and the CA1000 overall exudes high end design, fit & finish.

CA1000 is ultra compact but with awesome audio specs - it uses 4 ESS 9068 dacs for the DAC + huge power output, with up to 15v of clean power for headphones, 4 gain levels each with 150 volume notches, so you can match nearly any headphone or earphone perfectly. There are 4 headphone outputs as well: 3.5mm / 6.5mm and balanced 2.5mm / 4.4mm, all on the front of the unit. The screen pivots from flat to 60 degrees and the CA1000 can run off wall power or for up to 10 hours from its built in battery.

We included photos of the very tweakable Crossfeed menu and the inputs menu. The performance of a high end stand alone dac, powerful desktop amp and music streamer in a 10 x 15 cm package that fits in your hand! Trying it in store with LCD-X, HD800s we'd say Low gain is for earphones, Mid is for most headphones, High is for a few and Super is for the odd headphone with very low sensitivity like HEDDphone.

  • 2 way Bluetooth 5 w/ BT Sink feature, LDAC, apt-x HD
  • Dual Band Wifi 2.4/5 Ghz
  • A&K's new Teraton Alpha amp design
  • Crossfeed built in
  • MQA decoding 8x
  • Native Decoding of files DSD512, 32bit/384khz
  • 4 gain levels: SE 2/4/6/8v, Balanced 4/8/12/15v
  • 4.1" screen, 720x1280 pixels
  • Output Impedance SE 1ohm, Balanced 2 ohm
  • PD chanrging support: 50% in 1 hour, 100% in 2.5 hours
  • Line in, Line out, Optical in, Coax in, BT in/out, Wifi in, USB-C in
  • 2nd USB-C port for charging only
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Size: 11 x 5 x 15cm
  • Weight: 909g
  • Made in Korea
  • 1 year warranty



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