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Campfire Audio Cascade

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Campfire Audio Cascade is a closed back, over ear folding headphones providing high end sound quality in an easy to drive design. Featuring deep, soft sheepskin ear pads for great isolation and comfort. Cascade is full size but designed to be attractive and practical enough to be a high end headphone you can take with you and use at work or while traveling. It folds down to a quite compact size.

Now with a blacked out logo and a headband that sits closer to the head for a sleeker look.

Fantastic sound quality with fast, powerful bass, great clarity and the ability to tune the headphone with 4 unique and quite ingenious dampening filters. Cascade is designed to provide great sound quality from portable devices, since it has a high sensitivity and an easy 38 ohm load but provides enough clarity that you will hear the improvement better quality dacs and music players make.

XL pads available in the accessories section.

  • Impedance: 38 ohm
  • Beryllium dynamic driver, 42mm, custom made
  • Sensitivity: 100dB (easy to drive)
  • Frequency Response: 5 - 33,000 Hz
  • Weight: 383g
  • Cable: Litz silver coated copper, w/ cloth jacket
  • 3.5mm plug with push/pull headphone connectors (detachable cable) 
  • Very nice hard shell zip case with leather-like finish and a faux shearling lining
  • 2 year warranty
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Better then advertised

Campfire sound in a over ear headphone....excellent Enjoy your music in comfort for hours on end!

John i.
Wow, finally a closed back that I can love

These have been pinned to my head for seven straights since they arrived. Amazing overall sound with good mids and Outstanding bass. These are the closed backs I have been seeking for five years. My fifth set of headphones from you guys and far and away the best!

Shane D.
Canada Canada
Meet expectation

The product is very well made and sturdy. The sound quality is well tune across the frequency range. Performs very well with topping amp/dac. The headset sound is a bit muffled with my dragonfly red. I am very well satisfied with the cascade. One point however, they have a large fit - my head is normal size and they are barely too big.

Canada Canada
Bass Cannons!

These are great headphones! They have bass in spades! really nice build quality. The only real fault with them is they don't have a great headband, it causes hot spotting and is only ok./ It needs to be wider and have some more padding. For anyone interested, take the white filters off the stock ear cups. they are sticky enough to go back on but they really kick the mids/high up a notch. It does take away a bit of bass but you gain so much more and the phones have sooo much bass. This was suggested by a tech at Campfire and really makes an actual difference.

Nathan P.
Canada Canada
Truly incredible

Absolutely floored by the sound and build quality of these headphones. They really capture the sound and energy of other Campfire products like the Lyra2 and Vega, visceral and energetic, fun to listen to while still providing amazing detail and resolution. Some will be hesitant as it's hard to describe these headphones as "neutral" in the classic sense... but to me it's always seemed that most audiophile headphones don't give bass the space or attention it deserves in the overall mix. It's often tamed and quiet, following old ideas about music production that insisted a great bass player should blend into the background rhythm section. These completely turn that model on its head and embrace the low end. They feel somehow more natural and raw, like listening to music at a live show where the impact of the sound can be felt through the whole body. Highly recommend for anyone who spends any time at all listening to contemporary music of any genre.

Alex P.