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Audiolab M-DAC Nano

Audiolab M-DAC Nano is a wireless dac. The nano connects to your phone or computer via bluetooth and powers your headphones, providing great sound quality with no need to be tethered to your phone.

The Nano includes a tiny wireless charging mat, making charging very convenient. Nano includes the option of upscaling all of your music. It has a convenient 64 step volume control, giving you precise control of volume with both easy to drive earphones and harder to power full size headphones.

The Nano is a great way to take a wired headphone to wireless, with a convenient small size, convenient charging and nice build / sound quality.

must read review: 5 stars : A great way to improve the sound of your phone or laptop. We can’t think of a better alternative for portable use... It’s an exciting and entertaining performance, one that’s comparable to the likes of Audioquest’s Dragonfly Red. That’s some compliment, considering the Dragonfly is hardwired to your device and the Audiolab isn’t.

  • Bluetooth apt-x LL, AAC for iphones
  • output = 30mw
  • Rated for 8 - 300 ohm headphones
  • Wireless charge time = 2 hours
  • Play time = 8 hours
  • weight: 28g
  • built in mic
  • optional upsampling to 32 bit / 384khz