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Audio Technica ATH - CKR7TW

Audio Technica ath-CKR7TW are truly wireless earphones, available in black or grey finishes. With no waterproofing, these are not meant to get sweaty in - the ckr7tw has been designed to provide a clear, accurate sound quality in a truly wireless earphone. 

*In stock - The housings are large so not for people with small ears. They do fit a bit deeper into the ear than other truly wireless models, seal well and isolate well. They do have very good clarity in the vocals and treble and the bass goes deep but stays fast, with no bloat. Most truly wireless models have heavier bass. 

The CKR7TW feature top button controls on each earpiece, big battery life of up to 6 hours and excellent connectivity with BT5 and near lossless AAC & apt-x BT codecs, for iphones and android. They're also designed with a high quallity dac (akm 4375 - akm dacs are found in many high end products) in each earphone, along with high fidelity drivers to provide great clarity.

  • akm 4375 dac in each earphone
  • 6 hour battery life + 9 hours in case
  • Huge 11mm drivers with high tech diamond like carbon coating
  • 3D Loop stabilizers included, for a secure fit
  • Works with Connect app
  • earphone weight: 9g each
  • Temperature range 5 - 40 celsius (may not work as intended in bitter cold)
  • 4 pr ear tips included, charge cable
  • 1 year warranty